Campaign strategy

A large number of business units within Thomson Reuters utilise the Eloqua content management platform, powered by Oracle. Across their global business groups, Thomson Reuters needed marketers to automate processes through multiple channels to target and nurture prospects and deliver highly qualified leads.

As the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, Thomson Reuters needed this reflected within their content management processes. The previous Eloqua templates, developed in-house by Thomson Reuters were becoming complicated. Over time, both emails and landing pages within Eloqua had become inconsistent in their branding and design, with no clear regulation, uniformity or clear marketing strategy. This resulted in a wide range of un-optimised activities that did not meet the expected brand standards.

What we did

Eloqua Email and Landing Page Development, Customer Experience (CX) Strategy, Marketing Automation Support, Digital Strategy, Client Training, Lead Nurture Support.

How we did it

Rt. were engaged to standardise and reduce the number of current Eloqua templates being used by marketers. Working collaboratively with the Thomson Reuters Marketing Proposition and Marketing Operations teams, we identified solutions that would minimize the amount of code fixes previously needed, as well as radically simplify their operational workflow.

Overall, our Eloqua development project sought to create a more ‘self-service’ alternative for Thomson Reuters which would save time and costs when launching the many campaigns a business of their size demands, as well as allow their marketing teams to experience a smoother, more effective and efficient campaign process.

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