Rebrand and asset creation

Groveley Detection is a dedicated provider of the most comprehensive & advanced detection technologies to businesses around the UK. Groveley Detection Ltd is a subdivision of Emerson, one core business of its wider platform delivering automation solutions and commercial & residential solutions.

What we did

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Development, Internal Brand Roll-out, External Brand Roll-out, End-to-end Customer Experience (CX) Strategy, Website Development, Campaign Development, Asset Development and Production.

How we did it

Groveley Detection commissioned rt. to create a new visual identity that represented the importance of the company’s ambitions through striking & bold design.

Through a series of workshops and an initial discovery phase, we were able to understand Grovely’s ambition and strategic aims in order to create a logo and key messaging which embodied them.

Working in partnership with Grovely, we produced a company logo and website, as well as brand guidelines which could assist with the execution of the brand across future assets. Finally, we also created and ran an email marketing campaign designed to communicate and promote the new brand. As a result of these campaign assets, Grovely acheived increased interaction and brand awareness, both internally and externally.