Development support for Pro Sony Global (PSG)

To unify their global assets, Sony professional took steps to bring together the online real-estate of their North American and European teams and took the opportunity to completely overhaul the underlying services that support their online marketing efforts.

As part of our ongoing partnership with the Central Digital team (CDT) at Sony, they retained rt. for our specialist development and digital strategy support.

What we did

Digital Marketing Strategy, Customer Experience (CX) Strategy, Digital Project Management, Website Development, Global Website Support, Content Management.

How we did it

As part of an intensive project spanning 18 months and 9 separate development teams, we worked closely with the Sony Central Digital team to advise on a range of digital implementation and consolidation projects.

Most notably, the project saw us assist Sony with the development and implementation of a flexible content management system, utilising a WordPress core with a React based front end. Together, the new systems effortlessly scaled to high demand peaks and provided a fully responsive environment.

The blending of new technologies and a forward-thinking approach enabled a significant reduction in overheads across Sony’s entire European programme, including hosting, content management and technical support.


56% rise in page load times
30% rise in site engagement globally