Be risk confident

When thinking about financial crime, we often consider it a distant issue- not one over which we have any responsibility or control. The Thomson Reuters Risk and Compliance Summit aimed to raise awareness of the global issues surrounding financial crime, the implications that companies and countries face and how we as individuals can engage in the fight against it.

Our brief was to create an immersive event site to encourage pre-event registration, and host content post-event. We were also commissioned to create a memorable and engaging experiential piece that would encourage delegates at the Summit to consider the harsh truths of global financial crime.

What we did

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy, Visual Identity Development, Marketing Automation Support, Eloqua Email Template and Landing Page Development, Client Training, Lead Nurture Support, Digital Strategy, Digital Project Mangement, Asset Development and Production.

How we did it

We designed and developed a responsive event registration site which allowed delegates to register for the London Risk Summit before delivering them cookie-enabled targetted content which was relevant to their selected specialisms and interests.

Within the event itself, we then delivered the hard hitting message around the impacts of financial crime in two key ways: firstly, a custom scratch card map which revealed hidden facts relating to financial crime as an impactful event takeaway. Secondly, a short interactive quiz with hard hitting facts and figures on the sources of financial crime around the world, accompanied by the ability to pledge an agreement to combat it.

We coupled the quiz with a digital screen installation which displayed to delegates a real count-up of the true cost of financial crime across a single day. This event installation encouraged delegates to realise their collective responsibility in the fight against financial crime and how organisations can tackle compliance with confidence, intelligence and agility.


Over 1000 online registrations
Over 650 on the day attendees
98% of delegates who engaged with experiential element actively pledged their commitment to fight financial crime

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