The line

Thomson Reuters is the leading source of business intelligence, technology and expertise. With the introduction of a new European financial legislation, MiFID II, they needed to inform their clients in an accessible, engaging way on a range of substantial challenges and global implications for the financial industry.

What we did

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Development, Customer Experience (CX) Strategy, Marketing Automation and Lead Nurture Strategy, Eloqua Templates and Landing Page Development, Client Training.

How we did it

The MIFID II campaign needed to position Thomson Reuters as a solution and thought leader in the regulatory space, turning possible challenges into a considerable commercial advantage.

Working in partnership with the Financial and Risk division of Thomson Reuters, we ran a phase of discovery designed to understand how they could best support organisations who were soon to be affected by these regulatory changes and sanctions.

With their requirement for end-to-end campaign ideation, planning and management, our creative teams developed a visual identify and messaging proposition for Thomson Reuters which was encapsulated by the phrase ‘The Line’. Designed to communicate and de-mystify the ongoing roadmap of regulatory changes, the MiFID II campaign was spearheaded by a suite brochure and supported by a range of on and offline campaign assets.


44,000+ leads generated, with 100s marketing qualified leads

297 form submissions since launch

60,188 site visitors in total since January 2017 – visitors increased threefold between January and March (from 3k to 9k per month)
Joint award nominations, one resulting in a Gramery award win.

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